2012 Cornerstone Awards

Ridgeview Construction Wins Three Cornerstone Awards in 2012

When your company wins an award for anything you always know it’s a gratifying experience and a time to take a breath and know that you are doing things with an edge above others in your industry. Over the last 8 years Ridgeview Construction has had a storybook tale of continued growth to their business model during some of the most difficult years that the building industry has seen. 2012 has been no exception for accolades that Ridgeview Construction has come to know.

The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of New Hampshire (HBRANH) presented their Cornerstone Awards to recognize excellence in all areas of the building industry including design, remodeling, new construction, all the way to landscaping and projects that deserve special attention.

This is the 3rd year of Ridgeview Construction has received an award from the committee but this is the first year that it has received multiple awards for work in both its New Construction as well as the remodeling category. The awards won by Ridgeview fell into three different categories: Specialty Outbuilding, Green New Construction, and New Residential Construction for a home valued over $1,000,000.

“We are fortunate that our business attracts clients that have the ability to see the value in building a home that is energy efficient by using our innovative methods” Stated Matt Silva, Sales and Marketing Manager for Ridgeview. “It has become less about just green building and more about using intelligent methods for building something that fits how you want to live in your home or eventually keep it competitive if you plan to sell it someday” explains Silva.

One example of how Ridgeview incorporates green materials into their projects is in their use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), used in the building of the $1 million home that won a Cornerstone Award.  SIPS help increase energy efficiency, increase architectural creativity, and reduce job site waste. While building with this method is less of their normal approach it’s these skills that keeps Ridgeview on the leading edge of innovation in the home building market.

Consumers can receive tax breaks for building green homes or renovating what they already have.  In all homes that won a Cornerstone Award, the owners installed a geothermal system, which can provide a quick rate of return on investment, with the government giving 30% back on the homeowner’s geothermal investment, according to Silva.

Ridgeview’s most popular service remains its new home building and remodeling businesses, and their mantra for staying afloat during this tough economy remains, in the words of Silva, that “going green is good business.  It is a very easy choice to use our services because of the saved costs over the lifetime of the home.”