Cornerstone Award 2009

Deerfield Business Wins Cornerstone Award

In less than a decade, builder Shane Carter and his team at Ridgeview Construction have made their home-construction business one of the greenest and most sustainable anywhere in New England. So it wasn’t a surprise when Ridgeview was recently awarded the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of New Hampshire’s Cornerstone “Gold” medal for new and custom homes in the $450 to $600K price range. The annual prize, while certainly not expected, did not come as a total shock: Ridgeview is booked solid. For Carter, such success amidst tough economic times provides vindication for Ridgeview’s unique and progressive business model.

“I think our success and appeal has a lot to do on the one hand with the green, sustainable niche in which we operate,” says Carter. “But primary to that is the fact that we just do quality work period, regardless of materials, not to mention the high level of customer satisfaction. So really it’s all of these things in tandem.”

Located in Deerfield, New Hampshire, Ridgeview applies sustainable building design, construction and materials to each and every project. From planning, preparing and positioning the home to utilize maximum solar gain, through construction and clean energy solutions, all the way to kitchen remodeling and putting the final coat of paint on the bedroom walls; Ridgeview offers customizable, sustainable options for literally every aspect of the home-building process.

Nearly all of Ridgeview’s materials are either recycled or sourced from within 500 miles of their NH headquarters, and they partner with other sustainability minded business to provide the highest quality homes possible – both in their outward appearance as well as in their sheer, cost-effective and sustainable functionality.
While most big-ticket construction companies operate according to a philosophy of “more, cheaper, faster”, Carter goes to great lengths to emphasize the idea that, sometimes, paying a little more up front for quality and performance means saving more down the road. “Building and buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make,” explains Carter. “And we want to build something that you and yours can live in and be proud of for a long time.”

While Carter and his crew won the Cornerstone award in the “New and Custom” homes category, Ridgeview could just as easily have won for the “High-Quality and Green” category: all timber used for the frame was recycled from previous buildings; the wood used in the tongue-grooved ceilings was harvested and milled in New Hampshire; the flooring was recycled using laminate layers of plywood with a top veneer of re-used quality cherry; not to mention a state-of-the art geothermal system with an on-demand water heater.

Carter’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the building process and into every crevice of Ridgeview’s business practices. All of their fleet vehicles use biodiesel provided by Simply Green in Portsmouth, and even Carter’s home office utilizes the best in quality CFL and LED lighting, and soy-based ink-cartridges and recycled paper for all the companies printed materials. Carter also recently completed a carbon footprint assessment at, earning a white ribbon (the best possible score), an indication that his company’s emissions are far below the norm for a company of Ridgeview’s size.

When not tending to his ever-growing business, Carter maintains a high community profile, serving on the board of the NH branch of the US Green Building Council, and the National Association of Home Builders Certification Program and the Green Building subcommittee for the city of Manchester. Carter also donates a portion of his company’s profits to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, as well as to a local arts association. He and his team regularly attend conferences and seminars on green building and sustainability issues, assuring that Ridgeview is prepared to leverage the newest in green building products and technologies and apply it on the ground here in New Hampshire.

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