Connor Homes – Historical Reproduction

Connor Homes has one of the most unique approaches to building a new home we have ever found. Their 38 years in the residential building business have enabled them to couple their wealth of experience in historic architectural design and construction with a state of the art manufacturing process so that we offer the exquisite detailing and building proportions of classic architecture at a cost that is affordable to the everyday home buyer.  By providing a complete, highly detailed, and historically accurate home kit from Connor Homes and Ridgeview Construction we can offer the highest level of Quality Built homes available for the true early American architectural lovers.

For years Ridgeview Construction has recognized the efficiencies of offsite building technology as part of our service offering to clients. We only use the best companies to service these areas to match the quality we are know for in onsite custom building. As a former onsite custom builder, Connor Homes has developed a manufacturing expertise that produces the high end architectural designs meeting the desires of every detail we’ve grown to love about these homes of yesteryear.

Ridgeview Construction has assembled a selection of hand picked pre-designed Connor Homes for your convenience. Contact us for more information about these and other Connor Homes