At Ridgeview it’s all about character. We are a company with it and it’s being reflected in the homes we build, the communities we build in and the way we do business.

The home-building industry is more dynamic than ever before. As our environmental consciousness grows, the protection of land and natural resources is a mounting public concern. How we build homes, with regards to location, design and choice of materials, is one of the most significant ways we impact our future.

At Ridgeview, we offer a holistic, eco-approach to home building and remodeling. Helping everyone to avoid the age old “we wish we did that in our house” by harmonizing the intricate systems within the home and property to minimize the environmental impact and improve the overall efficiency and healthiness of a home. Best of all, we care about the bigger picture without comprising aesthetics or the needs of the present. Our award-winning custom designs show that our eye for detail extends through all aspects of the home-building process.

Knowing that building a home is one of the biggest investments in a lifetime, we take care with every dollar entrusted to us. We educate and help homeowners every step of the way – from land negotiation and financing to painting the walls and even pruning their trees. A green, Ridgeview home is a home of superior quality and eco-conscious value.

Ridgeview Construction is committed to leading the way in sustainable development practices and giving back to the local community. How will we do this? Through education and leading by example.