Custom Homes

The model of design and build has become increasing popular in the home building and remodeling process. At Ridgeview, the design/build process is designed to be a one stop shop from land selection, design to product selections for your home in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.  Along with producing high definition renderings for your project before we begin the work, here is a list of design/build qualities you will receive when working with Ridgeview Construction.

Time Savings

  • A realistic budget is established early in the process, so redesign due to cost-surprises are minimized or avoided.
  • Pricing, scheduling, engineering, and brainstorming occur simultaneously with design, so there is a quick, smooth, and immediate transition into construction.
  • The team is just that, “a team,” so decisions and answers are prioritized and received quickly, with no one individual holding up the process. We invite our clients to feel comfortable as part of this team approach.

Cost Savings

  • Throughout the process the team is assessing the best and most cost-effective ways to produce your remodeled or custom home without sacrificing standards in construction.
  • Estimating takes place throughout the process and design is sensitive to the budget. Cost implications of decisions can be conveyed to the client immediately instead of “after the fact.”

Ease of the Process

  • Clients have one entity to deal with for the entire project – start to finish, and into the future.
  • Quick answers are provided to our production team during the actual construction of your home so a daily progression of work is maintained.
  • Our production team reviews the plans during design, provides input, and knows how to do the work before the final construction documents are produced.

Singular Responsibility

  • One integrated team working for you: Builder, architect, site work and engineers
  • The client is not responsible for making sure that all members have integrated their work, design, and pricing without mistakes or misunderstandings.
  • We eliminate the opportunities for the costly effects of miscommunication because input is given in the beginning of each project from each team member.