Connor Mill – Built Homes


For 40 years Connor Mill-Built Homes has developed a custom panelized shell construction system which allows homeowners and builders around the country a system to create quality homes with design integrity.  While our focus is traditional design our build capabilities complement all styles.  This system offers our customers and their builders access to our skill and expertise no matter where they live.  This panelized system includes pre-cut and pre-built components, as well as essential reproduction architectural elements.

Early American Colonial Homes are an endearing part of our heritage.  Colonial homes are efficiently designed with a sense of functionality that is rich with detail.  Our business builds new (old) colonial homes, replicating the proportions, the scale, the styles and especially the details.  We design them to accommodate today’s modern lifestyles and amenities and build them using practical methods.  We then package them in kit form to be shipped anywhere in the world.

Connor Mill-Built Homes creates a custom home package for each client utilizing panelized wall construction, pre-cut floor and rafter systems, pre-built trim elements and prebuilt interior elements.  Also included are windows, doors, roofing, siding, flooring, interior trim and the list goes on.

Ridgeview Construction has assembled a selection of hand picked pre-designed Connor Mill-Built Homes for your convenience. Contact us for more information about these and other Connor Mill-Built Homes.