Net Zero and Passive Homes


Living off the Grid

Net Zero homes are the ultimate in sustainable building and is the cutting edge progression of where home building can go.  Building Science and technology have converged here in the 21st century and the old paradigms of home building are quickly fading.  We couldn’t be happier about that!  Our company was founded on these principles- We can build better homes and not adversely affect the environment.  Long term thinkers are seeing the intelligence of net zero building as both a philosophical and pragmatic solution to the problems of construction-as-usual.

 One of the easiest ways to attain a net zero energy home is by following the design principles of the Passive House standard. Homes designed to this standard consume 90% less energy than a home built to code standards today!  It’s pretty easy to get to net zero from there.  It’s really all about minimizing heat loss with proper air sealing and insulation techniques, maximizing passive energy gains with thermal storage capacity materials, downsizing your HVAC system, using proper Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) and of course: solar photovoltaics!  Another important aspect of this standard is being aware of the embodied energy in the materials being specified and seeking carbon neutrality.

Proudly Ridgeview Construction can say that we have built some of the first Zero Net Energy Homes in the region.   We have worked with homeowners to help design homes that suits their needs, meet their budget and are capable of covering the demand for the resources that they need in order to make their homes a comfortable place to live.

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