Home Life Cycle Approach

Ridgeview Construction cares for the complete Home Life Cycle, going beyond the construction phase and accounting for the long term objectives, running costs and durability of a home throughout its life span.

  • The Ridgeview Home Life Cycle is a holistic, eco-friendly approach to home building. From land selection to habitation of the home, it fully assesses the property, materials, ecosystems and client needs, balancing their interrelationships and dependencies to produce a truly high-performance home within your budget.
  • The Ridgeview Home Life Cycle allows homeowners to assess the total cost of ownership – or the cost of a home throughout its lifetime – and not just the upfront construction costs. It shows customers how long-term savings in energy costs, repairs and recycled materials can outweigh slightly higher upfront costs.
  • Ridgeview Construction guides and educates homeowners through every stage of the Home Life Cycle – from land selection and financing to painting the walls and even pruning the trees.
  • The Ridgeview Home Life Cycle respects the home as a living, breathing entity. It gives homeowners a new perspective on their home and encourages them to make a long-term commitment to healthy sustainable living.
  • The Ridgeview Home Life Cycle helps build custom homes that adapt for future needs, preventing homes that are quickly outdated.
  • No matter how you look at it, there are only benefits to building green – lower energy costs, healthier homes, and better quality. And there’s the added bonus of reducing the impact on the environment and conserving precious resources for future generations.