Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development to us means a careful and thoughtful approach to how we treat the land that will support our communities.  It starts with a true assessment of what the right parcel of land to develop is- does it make sense to build on this land or does it have a better purpose with a non-development use?  How does the land interact with the community at large and are there any social or environmental factors affecting the parcel?  Once it is determined that it is appropriate to build homes on the land we next look at the natural features and topography of the land and how we can work with those features and design around them.

Our philosophy is that a development or community should meet the needs of the present population without compromising the needs of the future- that is sustainable.  A sustainable development should incorporate Low Impact Development strategies for road construction, storm water and hydrology management and environmental resource protection.  It is possible to harmonize our communities and homes with the natural environment and that is Ridgeview’s mission for each development.

We can help you engage in Conservation Easements, Restricted Deeds, Agricultural Preservation Developments and intelligent mixed-use planning.  Call or email Shane Carter to discuss your particular objectives.

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